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February 2016

I'm working on a heart charm and pyramid bangle... Pointy!



April 2015
Melting Down a Client's Ring to Repurpose into Wedding Rings

I sawed the ring into small pieces so it will melt easier. 

I made a rough mold of wire in sand and poured in the liquid gold to get a rough wire. 

My rolling mill. I begin making the wire smooth and thinner to get the right size wire to fabricate the new rings. 

Eventually, the wire is too small for my rolling mill. I have to pull the wire through successively smaller holes in a steel drawplate to get it small enough to make the new rings. 

March 2015
CAD Class
I finished my CAD class, part two, last week. It was pretty intense, but I've learned a lot and can make plenty of great designs now. I plan to keep my CAD-produced line separate from my hand-fabricated line. My CAD line is called Emily Wiser Jewelry Modern. Here's a picture of some of our CAD homework. The software we're using is 3Design. 

February 2015
Melting 14k Gold for a Ring 


February 2015
Melting Silver Granules 

January 2015
Soldering a Bezel Tutorial 

September 2014
Diamond Grading at the Gemological Institute of America

View from my lab bench at the GIA. 

Last week I traveled to Carlsbad, California to take a week-long diamond grading laboratory at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA is the leading diamond grading lab in the world, and their headquarters are in Carlsbad. 

I graded diamonds all week long, and I definitely have a better appreciation for diamonds' rarity, value, and beauty. I also learned about colored diamonds, including fancy black and fancy white diamonds. 

Fancy white diamonds are gorgeous. They look like ice with a little opalescent shimmer to it. I'm absolutely fascinated with them. 

August 2014
Maker's Mark



My Maker's Mark on Flickr

I've finally designed a symbol for my studio, called a "maker's mark." Makers' marks are symbols stamped on jewelry handmade by a specific studio. Makers' marks have a rich history, stretching as far back as the Middle Ages.

My mark is inspired by an ocean wave, a crescent moon, the lotus form, and my initials EW. 


August 2014
Chicago Inspiration

There’s nothing like art to inspire. Last month, I toured the Art Institute of Chicago and found tons of inspiration by looking at the shapes, colors, and forms of sculpture, architecture, prints, and (of course) jewelry.

I love the pattern of swirls on the stonework outside the museum. It’s a perfect texture for wide metal bangles. 

Art Institute Patterns



I love the repetition of motif in these animal figurines and the character their rough forms convey – inspiration for creating ancient looking jewelry.

Art Institute Figurines