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New Direction: Art for Art's Sake

Life is short, so the saying goes. Somehow, I've gotten stuck in a rut where my work is no longer creative to me. I have a lot of ideas for new, one-of-a-kind, and experimental projects, but I don't have enough time to make them.

When I first started, I wanted to practice certain techniques over and over again. Now that I've mastered these techniques, I want to move on. I've decided to retire most of my old collections, and focus on producing art for art's sake. I'll make all the pieces that I have ideas for, but didn't have time to make. While I may decide at some point that it would be fun to go back to making my old designs, I'd like to try something new right now.


Art for Art's Sake. 22k Vine Ring.

Art for Art's Sake. 22k Vine Ring.

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February 2016

I'm working on a heart charm and pyramid bangle... Pointy!



April 2015
Melting Down a Client's Ring to Repurpose into Wedding Rings

I sawed the ring into small pieces so it will melt easier. 

I made a rough mold of wire in sand and poured in the liquid gold to get a rough wire. 

My rolling mill. I begin making the wire smooth and thinner to get the right size wire to fabricate the new rings. 

Eventually, the wire is too small for my rolling mill. I have to pull the wire through successively smaller holes in a steel drawplate to get it small enough to make the new rings. 

March 2015
CAD Class
I finished my CAD class, part two, last week. It was pretty intense, but I've learned a lot and can make plenty of great designs now. I plan to keep my CAD-produced line separate from my hand-fabricated line. My CAD line is called Emily Wiser Jewelry Modern. Here's a picture of some of our CAD homework. The software we're using is 3Design. 

February 2015
Melting 14k Gold for a Ring 


February 2015
Melting Silver Granules 

January 2015
Soldering a Bezel Tutorial 

September 2014
Diamond Grading at the Gemological Institute of America

View from my lab bench at the GIA. 

Last week I traveled to Carlsbad, California to take a week-long diamond grading laboratory at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). GIA is the leading diamond grading lab in the world, and their headquarters are in Carlsbad. 

I graded diamonds all week long, and I definitely have a better appreciation for diamonds' rarity, value, and beauty. I also learned about colored diamonds, including fancy black and fancy white diamonds. 

Fancy white diamonds are gorgeous. They look like ice with a little opalescent shimmer to it. I'm absolutely fascinated with them. 

August 2014
Maker's Mark



My Maker's Mark on Flickr

I've finally designed a symbol for my studio, called a "maker's mark." Makers' marks are symbols stamped on jewelry handmade by a specific studio. Makers' marks have a rich history, stretching as far back as the Middle Ages.

My mark is inspired by an ocean wave, a crescent moon, the lotus form, and my initials EW. 


August 2014
Chicago Inspiration

There’s nothing like art to inspire. Last month, I toured the Art Institute of Chicago and found tons of inspiration by looking at the shapes, colors, and forms of sculpture, architecture, prints, and (of course) jewelry.

I love the pattern of swirls on the stonework outside the museum. It’s a perfect texture for wide metal bangles. 

Art Institute Patterns



I love the repetition of motif in these animal figurines and the character their rough forms convey – inspiration for creating ancient looking jewelry.

Art Institute Figurines