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22k One-of-a-Kind Ring Band. From the OOAKs Collection.

22k One-of-a-Kind Ring Band. From the OOAKs Collection.

One of a Kinds Collection (OOAKs)

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This collection changes frequently depending on what is available. Check back often.

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These are pieces that originate from deep in my heart. I am attracted to rough shapes, a more primordial, prehistoric aesthetic, closer to nature and the spirit of the earth. A sense of harmony, tranquility, and belonging with the earth.

22k Raindrops Collection

New. exclusively for wholesale.

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Almost all pieces are rolled out from ingots I made. I leave texture in the wires that I make to add to the ancient look. I love the ancient aesthetic and base these designs off of ancient Greek, Roman, Byzantine, and Celtic jewelry. But, I add my own twist to it, avoiding the more intricate patterns of Etruscan granulation and Byzantine complication and instead opting to blend it with Zen simplicity. I can switch out gemstones shown for rose-cut diamonds or almost any other stone your client would like, including pearl and opal. I use more unusual 22k fabrication techniques plus a lot of little fabrication tricks I've developed over time, so I provide full goldsmithing support: resizing, setting stones, customization of designs, etc.

14k Vine Ring Collection


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Inspired by intricately woven vines. 14k vine ring solitaires in white and yellow gold with either rose-cut rainbow moonstone or rose-cut milky aquamarine. I can switch out the stones for rose-cut diamonds, or almost any other stone your client would like, including the softer stones of pearl and opal. I set these with a steel punch (a rod) and a hammer. If your client would like different stones, I can set them for you in a custom-made ring. I understand that you can be very busy, so I do provide full goldsmithing support -- resizing, changing or upgrading stones, customizing, etc.

Twig Ring collection

exclusively for wholesale - wHITE & BLUE GEMS.


Sterling Silver with Rose-Cut Gems. The bands are knobby and textured -- inspired by twigs.

Snow & Ice: Snow and ice are represented by rose-cut rainbow moonstone and natural rose-cut aquamarine.

Spring Flowers: Spring flower and springtime are represented by pink, purple, orange and green. These gems are rose-cut rose quartz, amethyst, citrine, and opaque chrysoprase. Spring sky is represented by London and Sky Blue topaz.

Midsummer's Eve: The colors red, green, and black represent Midsummer's Eve, an ancient European holiday celebrating the eve of the longest day of the year, where the life cycle of the season is at its peak. Red and green symbolize life, and these colors are represented by almandine garnet and peridot. Black symbolizes the night, and is represented by black spinel. The rings with black spinel and almandine garnet are wide-band rings and not a stack like the others. 


I provide full goldsmithing support on all of my collections as a convenience.


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Abstract Collection

exclusively for wholesale.

Sterling Silver with White Moonstone, Aquamarine, and Amazonite. Abstract shapes with a Zen feel.

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