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Herkimer Diamond Circle Necklace

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Herkimer Diamond Circle Necklace in sterling silver. Herkimer diamonds are quartz that do not need to be cut or faceted. They come out of the ground just as you see here. The only known Herkimer diamond location is in New Jersey. Each herkimer diamond is different, so each necklace is one of a kind. You will receive the necklace in the photo.


About 1/2 inch wide

Solid sterling silver Herkimer Diamond bead on sterling silver wire

Each Herkimer Diamond is unique

Choose 16" 18" or 20" sterling silver chain

Weight 3 grams with stone and chain. Stones are unique so weight will vary.

Inventory number: AM-CB-PE-1

Necklace Length:
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herkimer counterbalance rolo 600r.JPG