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Hammered Gold & Platinum Collection

Tiny 14k white gold hammered hoop earrings


Tiny 14k white gold hammered hoops are about 10mm wide. I use a slim 22 gauge wire that is very comfortable, even for smaller piercings. They are very small!

I use the same amount of wire for every pair of earrings. Since I can shape them into fat circles or longer circles before hammering, the width might vary just a little because I shape each piece of wire just using my hands. Let me know if you need them to be exactly, whether you prefer them a little on the smaller side, a little on the larger side, or any size I think is best.

To put them on, just bend them a little to open them. Put the wire into your ear, and then bend a little to hook them closed. 

Tiny hoops are custom-made, made-to-order and take 2-3 weeks.

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tiny hoops 14k white.jpg