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Rainbow Moonstone, 14k Yellow Gold Vine Engagement Ring.


14k gold vine ring with 6mm rose-cut rainbow moonstone solitaire. I love the shimmer and play of color in rose-cut rainbow moonstone and the particular shape of the rose-cut style compliments the twisting woven vines of the ring. The ring band itself is different all the way around -- no repeating pattern like you would see in mass-made jewelry store rings. I designed it that way to give it uniqueness and an organic feel. The rose-cut is an antique cut originating in 16th century Europe.

I set this ring with a steel punch and a hammer. You can see a short video of me doing this on my own website at

Choose 14k yellow gold or 14k White gold
6mm round rose-cut rainbow moonstone cabochon
Twist vine detail all the way around the band.

Since this ring has a unique flow all the way around, there are three basic options for resizing. To resize larger, I will put a insert a plain strip of white gold into the bottom of the ring band to make the band larger. To resize smaller, I can either add a sizing ball inside the ring band to tighten it (no change in vine pattern) or take out a small piece of the ring band for you.

Ring sizers are available for sale in my store. I recommend using a ring sizer close to the same width as the ring you intend to purchase.

Please allow 3-4 weeks for your ring to be made.

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vine ring 14k yellow moon FS.jpg
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