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Ancient 14k Rose Gold Hammered Ring

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"Ancient" rose gold ring, Choose 4mm or 3mm wide. It looks very old and primitive. :) 14K rose gold ring, about 4mm wide in a rugged, rustic, distressed finish. Instead of using a high-polished jeweler's hammer, I took my husband's scratched-up old hammer from Ace hardware to hammer this ring. This dampens the shine on the facets and scratches the ring. I also rough-sanded and rough-filed this ring. I've overheated the rose gold to darken the color.

You can choose rugged (shown) or very rugged. Very rugged finish will have filed notches/gaps, very rough filing on the top and bottom, and visibly uneven width.

Engraving is included.

This is a custom-made ring that takes about 2-3 weeks to make.

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rose gold rustic ring.jpg
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