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Hammered Gold & Platinum Collection

14k white gold, blue sapphire stacking ring.


Blue sapphire in 4mm and 14K white gold stacking ring. The gem is a natural blue sapphire cabochon.

My 14K white gold is a natural, unplated white gold. Most jewelry stores plate their white gold with rhodium to make it look whiter. Eventually the rhodium wears off and, as it does, the ring looks "patchy." My rings don't have this problem. Natural 14K white gold is a dark silver color. It is darker than sterling silver and jewelry store plated white gold. I think the natural color of unplated 14k white gold is gorgeous and looks great with the handmade look. It adds a little something extra and distinctive to the ring.

I can engrave the inside of the ring band. The ring is about 1mm wide, so the engraving will be tiny! Engraving is less than 1mm high (because the ring width is 1mm) and you will need a magnifying glass to read it. It's kind of like writing on a grain of rice. Please specify engraving of 10 characters or fewer in notes during checkout.

Made with recycled gold to help protect the environment.

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white gold sapphire stack ring.jpg