Hammered Gold & Platinum Collection

14k Rose Gold Hoops. Hammered Solid Gold. 2 1/2, 2, 1 1/2, or 5/8 inches wide

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14k rose gold hoops are hammered and solid gold.

Widths Available (Approximate)

2 1/2 inches in diameter

2 inches in diameter

1 1/2 inches in diameter

5/8 inches in diameter


I form these hoops with my fingers, so diameters will be approximate. I do use the same amount of gold for each hoop--some may be fatter and wider, while others might be longer and skinnier. You can let me know what you'd prefer, or whether you'd prefer to it be as close to exactly 2 or 2.5 inches as I can get. Hammered hoops are made from a thick 18 gauge solid gold wire.


14k rose gold hammered hoops are custom-made, and take 2-3 weeks.

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